I am so grateful to be part of the 200 hour Purna Yoga teacher training you are leading!  I am at a loss for words as to how to express my appreciation & excitement for this journey!  This is the first time in my life that I have felt sincerely connected & committed to something.  It is fabulously terrifying & exhilarating! Avoid waiting around, enroll in the experience now with juegos de azar en españa continuing good fortune and a lot of victories anticipate a person!
Yve Minear 2010


“I feel I have just scratched the surface of the information available on all the subjects offered. The 200 hour Teacher Training whetted my appetite for more!
Stephanie Conant 2010


In 1993 I took my first yoga class as my body was demanding that I take better care of it.  Since then, I have become a complete devotee.  Yoga has not only helped me address physical issues, it keeps me centered, calm, on purpose, and emotionally & mentally happy.  I cannot imagine life without yoga in it.

“If this testimonial for Jennifer Weinert sounds over the top, it is because she is!   For the past fourteen years I have been a student of Jennifer’s, witnessing and benefiting from her growth when she took the College of Purna Yoga’s 2,000 hour teacher training.  As Jennifer continues to expand & grow as a student and teacher she shares her wealth of knowledge & experience with her students. I was inspired to take the 200 hour teacher training taught by Jennifer. Her level of integrity, communications, respect, sensitivity & genuine caring for her students illustrates how she lives her yoga, on & off the mat.  Jennifer has become the teacher I aspire to be.”
Stephanie Conant 2015

“I would highly recommend this particular training to anyone considering a 200 hour program because of the quality of the manual, the overall attention to integrity and respect AND the quality of the teacher herself. Jennifer is a living example of this work and transmitted it with joy and enthusiasm…This course was much more than simply putting in 200 hours. It was an entire practicum for a way of Being and a constant reminder about what matters in life and what doesn’t.”
Reagan Breen 2010


“Jennifer’s great love of yoga, dedication to her students, commitment to Purna Yoga, and her knowledge, make studying with her tremendously exciting and a great privilege. Her investment of time, energy and capacity as a teacher just shines. Beyond the asana, philosophy, tradition and knowledge that she embodies, Jennifer radiates the Fire of Love and communicates it to her students.”
Diana Mellon-Lacey 2010


In my mid-forties I noticed my knees hurting going up and downstairs. I also experienced sciatica. I was worried I was falling apart before I was even a grandmother. The last 15 years Purna Yoga has helped me maintain a pain free lifestyle and, most importantly, my equanimity. I’m now confident I can keep up with my young grandchildren. And I know I can count on Jennifer’s nurturing expertise to keep my practice safe.
Betsy Duerr 2015

It was also a great learning experience for me to observe how you taught the class.  You were very effective in a difficult situation, and the class was a most positive experience.  Equally interesting was observing some students reactions.  A certain amount of resistance and fear that likely accompanies inversions and a new practice.  You handle it all with such grace, it is an inspiration.
Diana Mellon-Lacey 2010


I am Jennifer’s oldest student in every sense – I am over 70 years old and I have been attending her classes for the past 15 years. She brings intellectual vigor and careful adherence to the concept of “’ahimsa” (i.e. Do no harm) to every class. I have benefited greatly.
Sue Irvine 2015


Yoga has helped me through the years in keeping flexible, strengthened and toned muscles
and the deep breathing helps to relieve stress and bring oxygen to  my body.

Jennifer Weinert’s classes are especially awesome because she is so knowledgeable. She keeps current by going to classes herself.  Because of the type of yoga she teaches, she’s always there to make sure we are comfortable, in the right alignment and breathing!
– Cheryl Tam Hoy 2015

What happened?!  My back feels wonderful.  Thank you for class.
I’ve been doing the hip opener series, but the instruction in class really helped.
I’m so grateful.